✨Definition of FetSwing

✨Definition of FetSwing

Fet Swing verb
fet·swing | \fet-swing\ 🔉
Definition of Fet Swing

A person, couple, or group that does not define their role, maybe a swinger with kinks or a kinky swinger.

There is no actual title while participating in power exchange, BDSM, role play, parties, group sex, and other swing and fetish lifestyle activities.

Fet Swingers represent the group in the middle between swinger elites and the hardcore fetish groups. Fet Swing parties welcome all (18+) individuals and groups.

Fet Swingers are not involved in the debate of better, the swinger or fetish community? We love them both! Life is too short to get hung up on worrying about the best alternative sexual lifestyle. Decide who you socialize with by the individual rather than negative feelings because of a "Lable. "

Fet Swingers have individual desires and boundaries.

Fet Swing is always 18+, endorse safe sex,  believe "no" means no! 


Fet Swing play always requires consent and should enhance your current sex life.

Fet Swing will not fix your relationship but may make it more fun!  

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