FetSwing Membership - As Low as $9.95 Per Month

FetSwing Membership - As Low as $9.95 Per Month

" The Fastest Growing
Fetish, Kink, and Swing Lifestyle  Community Online "

Easy to become a Fet Swinger .
But, we make it even easier to cancel your membership!

FetSwing Member Cost Fet Swing Member Cost

 Fet Swing  is fully funded by our   single men!

Ladies and all couples are free * .

* Free Members:   Couples and Ladies a Free Membership requires a profile photo.

The photo must be of  yourself (female), or if a  Couple, (MM, FF, MF) both members.

Privacy and Anonymity :   Profile photos can be set to be visible   to  friends ,

registered members , public ,  or  fully private

How to determine if you are communicating with a free or paid member look under the
Fet Swingers  profile photo.
The Diamond represents a fully paid account! 
  1. Ladies Free
  2. Couples Free

Men 15 Day Free Trial

Steps to Purchase a Fet Swing Diamond Club All Access Membership

Upgrade a FetSwing Trial Membership

(Create an Account Free 15 Day Trial) Log Into Your FetSwing Account  HERE
  1. Click three navigation lines (See Below)

3.  Select Upgrade (See Below)

4. Choose Membership option of monthly, 3 months, or 1 year

(Best Value $9.99 month)



                         We Accept Credit, Debit, & Check Payments

Why Charge Males after a month!

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