Step One to Meet other FetSwingers -

Step One to Meet other FetSwingers -

Greetings Thank You for choosing FetSwing

You have come to the right place for all things Swing, Kink, and 18+ Fun.

We are excited to inform you that we have a wonderfully robust chat system that offers the following.


√ Audio and Video chat any  FetSwinger  with any phone or device.

 Group and private chat rooms

 Upload any format of photo and videos

 Send Audio messages

 Worldwide Free phone calls

 Thousands of  FetSwing  community members

 Fully Integrated with

Dual side chats encryption.

Now let us get started setting up your chat program and learning some of its features.

Step 1: Download the software.

            a. We use an open-source chat software that is hosted completely inhouse for security as well as ease of management              

             Install  Rocket Chat .... includes working links





            b. Pleased be advised that your experience may vary slightly based on which operating system and version you are using. However,  with this in mind, the basics will remain the same, and this article will give you some familiarity with getting things up and running.

Step  2: Log in

           a. once the app has been downloaded, you should see a screen similar to this


            b. here is where you will enter the FetSwing server address. .  then click CONNECT ... like this


           c. next will be logging in to your Fet Swing account 


          d. Congratulations, you are in

Step 3: Basic Overview

          a. Below, you will see the basic information and actions bar with corresponding descriptions.


          b. directly beneath this, you will see a list of channels, discussions, chats, etc. that you are a part of or are active


Step 4: Tips and Tricks and Best Practices

            a. Here is a video of some good tips, tricks, and best practices

Video of Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices