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Catfish - Fake Account Reporting

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What are Catfish

Catfish are accounts that are fake. These will be where the individual is using a picture that is not them. Or an altogether fake account commonly referred to as a bot

Catfish=Fake Accounts / Profiles

Please Report Catfish 


We have a zero tolerance policy regarding actual catfishing

Examples of Catfish

Q: Hey, I am a lonely girl in a small town and I live in Southern California. Would you like to chat?

You: Sure

Q: Meet me on Google Hangouts?

 Question #3 send money!

Don't Fall For it!


Video Verify-in FetRooms 

Baiting you to chat on another site is often the first step to scams! Here

Catfish will not video verify will make excuses why they can't


Using our built in validation system on members profiles protects us all. To see how click here




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