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Why does my account keep getting blocked ( ✨

Blocked Account

Two Reasons for blocks:

1. Customers that have 3+ IP's or from 3 seperate countries

            These customer receive a hard block by our Proxy Pass System. The reason why: Some scammers have sold their password to many individuals via site scrape web site. Before we implemented the system we had 4k+ users on the site under one username and password.

This is not only theft, but it also creates an issue for paying customers by utilizing server resources.

This block has to be cleared by our help desk!!

2. 5 Failed login attempts.

      Scammers send bots to attempt thousands of password combinations. Our first defense is captcha after the 3rd attempt. And after 5 attempts a 12-minute block/hold. We recommend changing your password if you can not remember it or fear attempts have been made to figure it out (Bot)

5 Attempts Blocks Auto Clear in 12 minutes

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