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Welcome to the FetSwing Community

      Welcome to a new way of having swing, fetish, and Adult 18+ fun. Fet Swing

      To have a successful Fet Swing journey, it is important to have a nice fleshed out profile so that others get a good clear picture of who you are, what your interests are, and the like.


Step 1

Create your account

      a. Proceed to fetswing.com

      b. On the popup that follows, reference\ below image

      c. Next, create your login credentials seen here
      d. further expand info as seen here

      e. Upload a profile pic (non-nude due to apple and android regulations)
            f. Choose Photo
            e. Proceed

Step 2
Flesh out your profile...

            a. In the Upper Right Corner,  CLICK your image
            b. CLICK Profile on your wall

            c. CLICK each section heading to edit that section and flush out your profile

Step 3
Connect with other user s

             a. To perform a search to find users, CLICK Find Fetswingers in the upper right corner

            b. Follow the below image to begin your search

            c. Find someone

            d. Navigating Interactions

Step 4
Learn to use the FetSwing Chat App here

That concludes the basics of setting up your profile and navigating how to have a successful experience.
Good Luck and Happy Kink-in g
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Created by Malcolm Nomanca laka Stormblade

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